Terms & Conditions

By using our Service you ('you' or 'the User') acknowledge Undrtone ('we') are providing a platform for you to search and promote music tracks and artists, and to make comments and/or upload imagery or other material ("User Content") to the Service. Any User of the Service may therefore view and interact with the User Content you make public by using the Service.

We collect a range of information in order to provide and refine the Service provided to the User. We record the information you provide us directly when creating an account or connecting using your Facebook account. We also store and display all User Content which you upload and/or maintain using the Service.

By signing up to Undrtone you agree to let us contact you with the odd company email and/or product update. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Your access of the Service using a mobile device will also provide us access to store on your device or store remotely one or more device identifiers, which allow the service to operate efficiently and within the restrictions of third party platform providers.

Our systems will record certain information such as requests to the application servers, your browser type and IP address, and your interaction with User Content, emails sent to you, and interaction with the Undrtone platform.

We use external analytics providers to measure traffic and User interaction which allows us to best plan for and manage system load and infrastructure requirements.

We do not share your personal information with external parties, with the exception being any potential future use of information intended to improve the Service offered to you or to improve the platform and Service efficiency and/or features. In the event such information policies are implemented, these Terms will be updated and communicated to all Users.

To request deletion of your account, send an email to support@undrtone.com.

Any concerns or queries regarding our Terms and Conditions can be communicated by email to support@undrtone.com