Press Release

For immediate release, January 15, 2014:

Entourage music curator teams up with Australia’s Josephmark to create Undrtone – an iPhone app and website that reshapes the way you discover and share music.

Undrtone is an iOS and desktop platform that offers a completely new and easy way to discover music. Hooking into Spotify, Deezer and SoundCloud, Undrtone uses the world’s biggest cloud-based services to create an ‘Instagram for music’ – a community revolving entirely around music. Undrtone is a never-ending stream of sounds curated for and by the user – enabling them to find and share tunes with their friends, as well as follow tastemakers and artists they love.

The app and desktop experience has been designed and developed by design ventures practice Josephmark in Brisbane, Australia, and built in collaboration with Music Curator Scott Vener (Entourage, How to Make It in America).

"From our learnings in music discovery and social algorithms, we found the most consistent way to come across tunes we love was recommendations from trusted friends and tastemakers. It's that human element that no machine or algorithm can compete with. With Undrtone we've designed and built a reliable way to discover really good music. Consistently."

Ben Johnston – Co-founder, Undrtone; Josephmark CEO

"Undrtone is about creating a landscape that encompasses a spectrum of genres, artists, songs and people that are relevant to you. Each track reveals a little bit more about who you are and what you like – forming an authentic picture of you and the music you love."

Scott Vener – Co-founder, Undrtone; Music Curator

With an Android app in the works and Billboard magazine calling Undrtone ‘the next big app’ in their 2015 predictions issue, Undrtone is shaking up the music space.

For press enquiries, contact or call +61 7 3368 3343.

Information for editors

Josephmark is a design ventures practice founded in 2004 in Brisbane, Australia and now working between Brisbane and LA. The team specialises in creating digital products that are technically innovative and experientially beautiful – shaping the way people discover, interact and share online. Clients include: Interactive Media Holdings (the new Myspace), Digital Latin America, Minted, Spotify, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Hash.

Scott Vener is the entertainment industry’s go-to musical mind – an acclaimed music supervisor known for his work on Entourage, 90210, How to Make It in America, Broken City and 2 Guns.