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Regenerated Headpiece - Majestic Magnets (Headsnack Remix)

by blocSonic

8 years ago by blocSonic.


blocSonic blocSonic
Available for ♯free ♯download in multiple audio formats right now at http://blocsonic.com/releases/bsxe0017 Today we introduce blocSonic listeners to the completely unique and dope sounds of Regenerated Headpiece (or RHP). So who are RHP? Well, they’re a hip-hop hybrid musical outfit that I first discovered while doing work for SLAMjamz back in the early 00s. As the story goes with a couple other blocSonic artists that you’ve come to know… I designed covers for a few of their digital releases. When I first heard them I was immediately impressed by their sound. It’s one that’s really hard to pin down because it’s so unique to them. However, their story goes back a little further. They first burst onto New York City’s live music scene in the late 1990s nad have been compared to recording artists ranging from A Tribe Called Quest to “Weird” Al Yankovic. Their core members are producer/MC Phon-X (a.k.a. @headsnack), lyricist Shred Lexicon (@truebluenatic), and DJ Exfyl. Other members of the Regenerated Headpiece family include DJ Sykopath, producer/MC Old Yist, and various session musicians. Souvenirs, Novelties & Party Tricks XE is a re-release of their collection of rarities that included remixes by RHP friends and fam. For our Xtended Edition we also brought on blocSonic fam to remix a few joints! RHP also added a couple extra bonus cuts to make this a 3 Disc set! A very special thanks to Headsnack, Shred Lexicon and DJ Exfyl for being part of what blocSonic does. I’ve long been a fan and am thrilled to have you guys on board… welcome to the blocSonic fam! Mega thanks also goes out to everyone involved! Here’s a taste of disc 1, track 2 “Majestic Magnets (Headsnack Remix)”! ♯blocsonic ♯hiphop ♯rap ♯beats ♯rhymes ♯cuts ♯indie ♯mp3 ♯flac ♯ogg ♯newyorkcity ♯nyc ♯netlabel ♯ccmusic ♯recordlabel ♯download ♯free ♯musicindustry ♯futuremusicindustry ♯rhp ♯regeneratedheadpiece ♯phonx ♯headsnack ♯shredlexicon ♯djexfyl

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